Administrative Setup

The Kiphire District Headquarter is established in the mid of Kiphire Town.

There are two (2) ADC Administrative Headquarter in Kiphire District that is-

  1. ADC Pungro: (41.09 Km from Kiphire HQ)
  2. ADC Seyochung: (40.48 Km via Amahator)

Five Extra Assistant Commisioner Circle Headquarter namely:

  1. Amahator: (15.61 Km from Kiphire HQ)
  2. Sitimi: (51.7 Km via Natsami from Kiphire HQ)
  3. Longmatra: (34.42 Km from Kiphire HQ)
  4. Kiusam: (75.7 Km via Pungro-Longtsunger)
  5. Khonsa: (63.9 Km via Pungro)