Online Attendance Management System

Online Attendance Management System will be implemented by 1st January 2021 in Kiphire District to allow the Officers/Govt. Employees/Contractual Employees to mark their attendance from their office, apply for Leave or apply for Outstation Duty permission from Deputy Commissioner, Kiphire.


Online Attendance Management System has been divided into three modules to simplify the process:

a) All the concerned employees have to first get themselves registered on the portal using the Registration Module. After successful registration, each employees will be given a Unique Employee ID/Code. This Unique Employee ID/Code has to be used by the employee for marking attendance, applying for Leave or Outstation Duty Concurrence of Deputy Commissioner, Kiphire.


b) After registration, employees can apply for Deputy Commissioner Concurrence for Leave or Outstation Duty from the Leave/Outstation Duty Module. Take a screenshot of final Submission. The screenshot will be needed while marking attendance as On-Leave or Outstation Duty in Attendance Module.

Leave/Outstation Duty Module

                                                                                                                          Leave/Outstation Duty Module


c) Employees can simply open the Attendance Module and start marking their attendance on daily basis.

    1. If the employee has to mark the attendance as Present, then he/she has to take a selfie (after turning on GPS/Location settings) on their smartphone. Upload the photo on Google Photo App (Inbuilt in Android Phones) and copy the link of the uploaed Photo. Then paste the link of the photo in the Attendance Module in the relevant input box as demonstrated during the training session.
    2. If the employee has to mark the attendance as Absent, then nothing has to be done. Open Leave/Outstation Duty Module and apply for Leave if not done yet.
    3. If the employee has to mark the attendance as On-Leave, then make sure the Leave has been sanctioned by the Department Head or the Deputy Comissioner Concurrence is obtained. Either Sanctioned Leave Order by Deparment Head or Deputy Commissioner Concurrence (can be obtained from Leave/Outstation Duty Module) has to be uploaded in the Attendance Module.
    4. If the employee has to mark the attendance as Outstation Duty, then he/she has to make sure that the Deputy Commissioner Concurrence has been taken prior to leaving the station. Apply for Outstation Duty Concurrence from Leave/Outstation Duty Module.


Attendance Module

                                                                                                                           Attendance Module


S.No. Modules Google Form Links
1 Registration Module
2 Attendance Module
3 Leave/Outstation Duty Module


For queries, please contact District Informatics Officer, Kiphire.
Office: +91-8731013266
Mobile: +91-7985553655