Information Pertaining to Public Hygiene

Publish Date : 21/03/2020

In view of the COVID-19 preventive measures taken up in Kiphire District the following information are issued to all public of Kiphire District:

  1. The public are requested to keep calm and refrain from believing or spreading false information spread on social media or other unofficial sources.
  2. Public are also requested to refrain from panic buying of commodities as there are enough stock of essential commodities available within the district.
  3. Shop and other business establishments are requested to refrain from hoarding and selling essentials commodities, mask, hand sanitizer, soap, etc. or selling them at higher rate than the MRP.
  4. All citizens of Kiphire District are encouraged to reach out to the District Helpline Number 9612921898/7005589941 for any information or clarification of doubts before believing or spreading any false or alarming information.
  5. The preventive measures are in full force in the District and a sincere appeal is made to all the proper co-operation and c-ordination between the public and authorities which will help in the success of the preventive measures and safety of all citizens.

Information for Public Hygiene