Tender Notice for Construction of Prefabricated Quarters for Medical Staff & Teachers (Edn. Dept.)

Tender Notice for Construction of Prefabricated Quarters for Medical Staff & Teachers (Edn. Dept.)
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Tender Notice for Construction of Prefabricated Quarters for Medical Staff & Teachers (Edn. Dept.)

Office of the Deputy Commissioner, Kiphire is pleased to invite bidding for the following Tenders from 26th March 2021 (04:00 PM Onwards) to Monday 5th, April 2021 (Till 04:00 PM)




Quantity (Units)

Rate (in INR)/Building

Amount (in INR)


Construction of Prefabricated Quarters at Kiphire Sadar, Pungro, Seyochung Sitimi

for Medical Staff


Rs. 10,00,000

(Rs. 10 Lakhs)


(Rs. 1.30 Crores)


Construction of Prefabricated Quarters at Kiphire Town, Longmatra Town, Amahator Town, Anatongre Village, Pungro Town, Mimi Village, Salomi, Seyochung Town, Kiusum Town

for Teachers (Education Dept.)


Rs. 10,00,000

(Rs. 10 Lakhs)

Rs. 2,20,00,000

(Rs. 2.20 Crores)


Terms and Conditions of Open Tender:

1. The quotation must be in the form furnished by Procuring Entity and should be free from corrections/erasures. In case there is any unavailable correction it should be properly attested. If not the quotation will not be considered. Quotation written in pencil will not be considered.
2. Quotation will be opened on due date at 3:00 pm at the indicated venue in presence of the tenderers or their representatives who wish to be present.
3. The procurer reserves the right to accept the offer by individual items and reject any or all tenders without assigning any reason thereof and does not bind itself to accept lowest quotations.
4. Complete details and ISI specification if any must accompany the quotation. Make/brand of the item shall be stated wherever applicable. If you have got any counter offer as suitable to the material required by us, the same may be shown separately.
5. Samples must be submitted where specified along with the quotations. Samples must be carefully packed, sealed and labeled clearly with enquiry number, subject and sender’s name for easy identification. Rejected samples will be returned at your cost if insisted.
6. All drawings sketches and samples, if any, sent along with this enquiry must be returned along with quotations duly signed.
7. All supplies are subject to inspection and approval before acceptance. Manufacturer/ supplier warranty certificates and manufacturer/Government approval lab test certificate shall be furnished along with the supply, wherever applicable.
8. The procurer reserves the right to modify the quantity specified in this enquiry.
9. The price quoted shall be firm till the supplies are completed. Please quote the rates in words and figures. Rates quoted should be free delivery at destination including all charges otherwise the quotation is likely to be rejected. Price quoted for free delivery at destination will be given preference. If there is no indication regarding the FOR, in the quotation, then it will be considered as FOR destinations. Price quoted should be net and valid for a minimum period of three moths from the date of opening of the quotation.
10. Payment of GST is primarily the responsibility of the seller and will not be paid unless the percentage value is clearly mentioned in the quotations. If no indication regarding GST is recorded in the quotation, the GST will be considered as included.
11. Delivery period required for supplying the material should be invariably specified in the quotation.
12. In case your quotation is accepted and order is placed on you, the supply against the order should be made within the period stipulated in the order. The Procuring Entity reserves the right to recover any loss sustained due to delayed delivery by way of penalty. Failure to supply the material within the stipulated period shall entitled Procuring Entity for the imposition of penalty without assigning any reasons @1/2% (half percent) of the total value of the item covered in order as penalty per day subject to a maximum of 5% (five percent) unless extension is obtained in writing from the office on valid ground before expiry of delivery period.
13. If the deliveries are not maintained and due to that account Procuring Entity is forced to buy the material at your risk and cost from elsewhere, the loss or damage that may be sustained there by will be recovered from the defaulting supplier.
14. Dispute clause: Any dispute relating to the enquiry shall be subject to the jurisdiction of the court at Kiphire Hq only.


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